more clothes than the dog, Dillan!  Whenever my mommy  yells at me I make a cute face so not to get in trouble​.    


I was rescued by mommy. My daddy's dad couldn't keep me, because I was too much of a mess. So when my mommy came over for a visit, before she was a mom, my daddy's dad was going to take me to the shelter.  So, instead of the puppy my mommy originally wanted, my mommy has me.  But sometimes I act like one!

You can call me Prince Jason or Your Highness.

Hi, I'm high-spirited and fashionable.  I rock any outfit, just like my mom, April.  My full name is Jason "Trouble" Lee Kelly.  I have


I knew I shouldn't have had that extra treat!

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I think I like the stroller better than this!

Me and my best bud, Dillan, going for a walk.

Born: April 2013 (we don't know the real date)

Fav color: Hot pink

Fav food: Most veggies

Fav book: I Could Pee on This by Francesco


Hobbies: bothering Raggs, running, sleeping,

                and pretending I'm a DOG! (And, going

                for walks with my best bud, Dillan.)