Maria Kelly, the youngest of four, is the daughter of a German mother and American father.  She loves animals and traveling.  As a child, Maria lived in Germany, but mainly grew up in and around Detroit, Michigan.  She now lives in South Jersey with daughter April, golden retriever Dillan, and cats Raggs O'Malley and Jason Lee.  She attended undergrad at the University of Southern California and graduate school at Tufts University The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy near Boston, Massachusetts, so traveling is in her blood.

Maria often creates bedtime stories for her daughter April, one of which ended up starting The Rainbow Files series.  In addition to The Rainbow Files, she is also the author of the Little Diver Mark series.

April Elisabeth Kelly (Shai Keshet bat Moriah Keren), age 11, is from South Jersey.  April is in the fifth grade and plays the violin and sax.

Favorite food: honey buns, glazed     

                        donuts and gelato

Favorite subject: Math

Favorite band/music: 1 Direction

Favorite book:  Dork Diaries, Diary                              of a Wimpie Kid

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Favorite thing to do:  Eat

Favorite celebrity:  Zendaya

Pets:  Jason (my cat), Dillan (mom's 

          golden retriever & Raggs

          O'Malley (mom's cat)

Favorite color:  Bronze